Some Scandals That Have Rocked The Gambling And The Casino Industry

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Casino gambling คา สิ โน ไทย has always been something that some people have wanted to try because it does appear to be fun. Here are some small points in that you would find interesting.

  • Over the years, the casinos in the Sin City and beyond have actually been fleeced for millions upon millions of dollars when it comes to cheating scandals. This has indeed become a problem to the casino industry because they would be literally losing millions of dollars.
  • While some of the cheats have managed to evade the casinos for so many years. So many of them have actually found their way into jail.
  • There are so many scandals that have actually rocked the gambling industry.


Gambling has actually been an activity that so many people pursue because of the chance that you could actually end up winning so much more than what you invested indeed. Sometimes, some deceitful gamblers and bettors have actually to actually take luck out of the equation. Well, one thing that you should is that, these are games of chance; you can’t exactly rig games of chance through any deceitful ways. Over the years, all of the casinos in Las Vegas and even beyond have been plagued by criminals who have swindled the casinos of a lot of money. Some of these criminals have actually been caught, and some others have slipped through the cracks with large amounts of money. The security at the casinos will actually keep a watchful eye on the ones that are suspicious, and whether you count the cards or you rig the machines, there is a big chance that you would get caught by the watchful security guards. I will list out some scandals that have taken the gambling world mafia สล็อต by storm because you will be surprised when you read them.

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  • Over two decades, a person named Tommy Glenn had been known to have swindled millions of dollars from casinos by devising some clever ways to rig the slot machines. One of his inventions which was known as the slider was actually a wire that he would actually insert through the payout slot of the machine to make sure that he could trip the micro-switch. This would trick the machine into release a huge jackpot.
  • The infamous MIT blackjack team that took card-counting to a whole new level from the 1970s-1990s. These people actually made millions of dollars from casinos. They were actually students from MIT and Harvard and some other prominent and well-known schools. They were known to have made use of science tactics to beat the casinos at their own game, and this is how they made millions.

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