Security At Vegas Casinos

Vegas casino

Las Vegas is actually known as true heaven on earth for those who love gambling. It is indeed a place where everything that matters is the fact that you either have luck or money. You can have fun in Vegas if you have either one. There are people that go to Vegas with the hopes of turning their whole life around. They will want to make their dreams come true by winning a lot of money and then they could use it for whatever they wanted to. Every year, more than 40 million people visit the Sin City with the same hopes of winning money in mmc996, and also they go in there to have some fun as well, with their friends. It has actually become a great place where you and your friends can actually escape into when you have a couple of free days.

Well, in this guide, we will be talking about the security at casinos. It is not news that some people actually walk into casinos with the intention of robbing them because it is very well known that all casinos have to keep cash on hand. The amount of cash that they keep on hand is indeed well into the millions. Throughout the years, there have actually been so many attempts to rob casinos, and so many of these attempts have been thwarted by the security and also the police was also involved. Most of the perpetrators were reprimanded and put into jail.

“They have got cameras, they have watchers, they have strong locks, they have timers, and they have insanely heavy duty vaults. And they even have enough personnel to make sure that order is maintained on the casino floor.”


This must be understood and contemplated when someone if under the impression that they can successfully rob a casino. Venues like the Bellagio actually have more than 2000 cameras and more than enough people to watch and analyze the security footage. Now that we are talking about casino robberies, here are some of the best casino robbery movies.

  • Casino Raiders, 1989
  • Casino, 1995
  • Ocean’s Twelve, 2004
  • Ocean’s Thirteen 2007

Casino robberies have always been a part of Hollywood productions because it seems like a great premise to base a movie on. Robbers evading the cops and being successful on their mission is something that the world wants to see, even though it is illegal. Ocean’s Eight is also a similar movie with an all-female cast. Ocean’s sister actually carries out the stealing of an invaluable piece of jewelry with a team of eight. But, the greatest and most memorable one will always be Ocean’s Eleven, because of its excellence.

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